About Us

CRIMINAL:  The Law Office of Christopher J. Reardon, PC is here for you should you ever need representation in a criminal matter.  No one expects to be searched, arrested and/or criminally charged.  Time is of the essence in criminal matters to preserve important constitutional rights.  Contact our office immediately if you feel you need representation in any criminal matter.  Attorney Reardon has represented clients in both District and Superior Courts from felony charges to minor traffic violations.  The key to our superior representation in criminal matters is a firm understanding of constitutional and criminal law and strong trial experience.  Remember, the burden is on the Commonwealth to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  

CIVIL:  Our civil practice focuses in the areas of Personal Injury and Insurance Company Defense.  Attorney Reardon has vast experience with Massachusetts automobile liability claims.  As a claims adjuster from 1994 to 2004, he worked for severals major insurance carriers in the areas of personal injury protection, special investigation and litigation.  With a firm understanding of coverage, liability and damages, our firm represents either Plaintiff or Defendant cases in tort liability such as automobile accidents or slip and fall.  

We also provide representation for RMV appeals, contract disputes and simple estate planning.  Full notary public service is always available.

FEES:  Initial consultation is always free.  A firm estimate of hourly potential can be calculated upon completion of initial consultation. 

This website is not intended to constitute legal advice or the provision of legal services.  By posting and/or maintaining this website and its contents, The Law Office of Christopher J. Reardon, PC does not intend to solicit legal business from clients located in state or jurisdictions where The Law Office of Christopher J. Reardon, PC or its individual attorneys are not licensed or authorized to practice law.